VIew and Update your Honeycomb Plan

If you are the team owner on a Honeycomb Free or Pro plan account, you can view and update your Honeycomb plan details by following these steps:

  • Log in to your Honeycomb account, then go to your Account page.
  • Under the Teams section of your Account page, click the relevant team's Settings link.
  • On the Team Settings page, click the Billing tab. (This tab will not appear if you are not the team's owner.)

From this Team Settings page, you can view and update your Honeycomb plan, change your payment method, view your billing history, and download past invoices.

To discuss upgrading to a Honeycomb Enterprise plan, please contact Support, and we'll connect you with the right people! You can also contact us this way if you already have a Honeycomb Enterprise plan and wish to make changes to it, or you can get in touch with your assigned Technical Customer Success Manager directly.

Change Billing Email Address

To change the billing email address (the email address to which invoices are sent) on your Honeycomb plan, please have the current recipient of the invoices email directly and request the change. Thank you!