If you have accidentally sent PII or other sensitive data through Honeycomb, you have a couple of options for removing it:

Delete the Dataset

The quickest way to remove ALL the data is to delete the dataset and start fresh. You can do this in the Honeycomb UI (preferred) or via API (NOTE: Using this API endpoint comes with risks and is disabled by default. Please contact Honeycomb Support to get it enabled). Before deleting a dataset, please make sure to collect any information you may need to recreate it for future use, if you wish to do so. This includes any SLO's, triggers or boards for the dataset, you can get this information to recreate manually from the UI or using the API.

Delete the Column

Another option is to remove the specific columns containing the data you wish to remove. You can use the Column Deletion API for this. This will prevent the column from being queried and remove the data in question from new query results. However, this does not remove the permalinks to existing queries that may contain this data.


If you cannot delete the entire dataset, and you require all of the permalinks to be purged, please raise a ticket with Honeycomb Support and we can start this process. Please note that this method will remove all permalinks and query data that exist in that dataset while that field was receiving the sensitive data, not only those relating to the column with the issue.

Data naturally ages out of Honeycomb's system in 60 days, with the exception of Enterprise customers with a custom age-out time period.